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22 November 2009 @ 02:53 pm
dcmk; mayfield time  
Title: Mayfield Time
Author: hattergems
Word Count: 260
Saguru Hakuba
Disclaimer: Detective Conan, Magic Kaito. Gosho Aoyama pwnz dem.
Summary: My application into mayfield_rpg for Saguru Hakuba. This is a sample of Saguru just as he wakes up in Mayfield.


[ Saguru Hakuba hissed at the sound of the fusebox blowing up and the room plunged into blackness. Screams erupted from the other side of the mansion. Stuck in the dark with a known killer the first day back to Japan, honestly – ]

[ And that was when Saguru is plunged into a different blackness. ]

[ The sun on his eyelids, he comes to slowly, soft blankets and pillows around him – before his eyes snap open (and his brain spits up the approximate hours, minutes, seconds ante meridiem). Lights stream in from behind closed curtains, wreathing the tidy room warmly, but all Saguru can do is lie unmoving, tense and stiff as a board in the bed, staring with wide eyes. Where is this, where is this. The killer and – what just – had he – Tastefully framed photographs sit on the bedside table at his arm, and he spies there a familiar head of hair, what – no. Heart clenching, Saguru shoves the blankets out of the way and reaches out to grab it. No. ]

[ Gazing out from the photograph, with his lips twisted in his usual subdued smirk, the black-and-white Saguru stands as if for a family portrait. And the others look like the father, mother, sibling – no. The tastefully framed photograph silently slides out of his hand and onto the carpet. ]

[ The phone line is silent for the longest while before Saguru finally speaks. His smooth British tones are absolutely blank. ]

Hello. Sir, madam. I would like to know where I have been taken.

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il advint qu'un beau soir;: do you count the stars at nightfalling_voices on November 23rd, 2009 05:32 pm (UTC)
... ugh. You know—oh, god. How can you say such things when—I'm shutting up, or I'll go in for bloody murder.

I—I mean. It's just—Saguru. Here, he is... well, terrifying would be the word, especially during the last few sentences. I have no bloody idea what Mayfield is, I have no bloody idea what you're going to replay there, and still my words get stuck in my throat. It's so strange.

Oh, and the room. The room. How you described it, it was—priceless. Just—
tea_sipping on November 24th, 2009 11:21 am (UTC)
Why have you been so speechless recently? You really can't seem to string words together any more. All your recent reviews are along the same stunned incoherent thread~ Just teasing. Thanks for that, sara-kins. <321 XD

Also this is the Mayfield roleplay game. This'll make so much more sense if you understand the game. The Aoko there seems a lot like you.

Thanks sara-kins. I wrote this in under 10 minutes because of hydok's prodding. She's useful, isn't she? I need to get writing real stuff now ... instead of staring at the screen for months.
nuitdenovembre: nights of unearthly bluenuitdenovembre on November 24th, 2009 02:20 pm (UTC)
I wonder. But it's different. In other reviews I was either too lazy to review properly or just vaguely sleepy. This—it was the actual writing that got me. For some reason. I really like this, gemmie. You could do a lot with it.

Looks like a creepy place. Uh? like me? do you mean like the Aoko I write or actually me?

I should prod you too, see if I can get as good results...
lubricated horse cock: [wonka] ♦ i'd tip my hat imagine thathattergems on November 24th, 2009 09:53 pm (UTC)
Do a lot with it? I'm just going to edit it to death before I post it to Mayfield as an introduction post. Do you mean I could do a lot with the idea or my writing? Though I think you'd say both, I don't know what I could do with the storyline.

It's an interesting concept. And it's going to confuse Saguru to no end, seeing as somehow the mods have place him in a house with a father who is blond and has a connection with clocks. Oh ho ho, was his past life really just a dream~?

The Aoko like Howl's Moving Castle, plays Aoko just as good as I'd imagine you'd play her, except just without all those horridly incoherent sentences and dreamy prose. <321

You do that. It'd be crazy if you can. Though there's just this plot that I want to get down but can't think of the ending at all and that's bothering me, although I could start on one of those smaller oneshots of mine ... urgh. Or I could just start on the story and hope for the ending to come in time. Which is something I never do ... So I won't post it until I have the ending, but I'd have to get writing first. [ /end rambling ]
il advint qu'un beau soir;: so can i get a flamethrowerfalling_voices on November 25th, 2009 09:18 am (UTC)
Actually, I was going to say both. Then again, seeing as this is roleplay, you probably won't have all that much to do with plot, will you? still, I like the style here, especially how you draw it all out.

Clocks! he should love it, what do you mean? D8 And it probably was, you know.

XDD what dreamy prose, you evil one. Why does everybody keep saying that? /sleepy

Do tell me about it, will you? But yeah, I get the feeling. I used to write like that—without having any idea how it was about to end and making it up as I went. It was... interesting. I can't do it again now, though.
Saguru Hakuba: go stick that rock up ur ass kid-santea_tiemz on November 25th, 2009 09:41 am (UTC)
I could get a nice AU going if you wish. I can, of course, do anything~ XD But I never do. *headdesk* So busy this week. Court appeals, Speech Night, half days, mother gatecrashing, buying xmas prezzies, various shady appointments. URGH. Also, I'm bankrupt because I bought a drinking bird. Check my journal and you'll decide to kill me. BANKRUPT I SAY.

Love it? This father is a Mafia murderer who uses scissors to torture his victims dead. Of course he'll love it, you idiot.

HORRIDLY incoherent dreamy prose. GUH.

I won't tell you. Just guilt-trip me so hard I faceplant and you'll get the entire fully-written story in 3 days. I've always been a speed writer,but if you give me too much time, I grow stagnant. I've been trained my whole life to work under pressure. I blow tests out of the water, but I can't handle simple school work. Perfect childhood, yes? =.= IT'S BE SO INTERESTING TO SEE UNCONTROLLED S2LOU CRACK. Did you see juncici's new story? |D